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There was a dead women in the car. Car was  near the road.Women’s name was Karen Silkwood.She was 28. Nobody knew how did the car off the road.Police thougth Karen was tired after a long day, so she fell asleep while she was driving.But her boyfriend Drew, a Union official from Washington and a journalist from New York Times weren’t happy about accident. Karen kept some papers and photographs in a brown envelope.But nobody found this envelope.
   Karen’s story began when she took a new job at a nuclear factory.She went to see manager of factory.She was happy about her new job. On her first day at the factory, she learnt a lot of things. She had to wear some clothes that will protect her from radioactive dusts. Than manager called Susan to see her laboratory. She will work with Susan. Karen saw uranium in laboratory.Susan explained her why she has to wear gloves.Everyday, when their work finished, they have to check themselves in front of the scanner. If scanner finds radioactive dust on her, alarm rings and she has to wash.One day, Karen met  with Drew. He looked very handsome. And they began to spend a lot of time together.
  In 1974’s summer, everything began to change in factory.Some day, when Susan checked herself, alarm rang and somebody took her to shower.This day, Karen learnt “hot” means radioactive. After shower, Susan changed a lot. She said to Karen to leave the work.Susan thinks to work in this factory is dangerous.
Karen wanted to be in  new Union Committee. She was candiate. And a lot of people vote for her. She was in Committee.
  After one or two months, alarms began to ring more.Karen, began to ask to everybody.And wrote the answers to a notebook. This notebook was always with her.  When the committee at the meeting, she said safety on the factory going worse.Committee decided to ask for help to Union leaders in Washington. They wanted to see Union Committee immediately in Washington. Karen went to Washington. Karen explained everything about factory. But they didn’t wanted to know anyone. After meeting, somebody called Karen to speak. Man’s name was Pete. He wanted to help. He said they need proof. Proofs could be photographs and negatives. But He wanted to say this nobody.
 When Karen came back, she felt too lonely.After a few days, Doctors came from Washington. Karen started to a new notebook.Managers always watched Karen. For her, to add proofs was more difficult. But she could add all proofs nearly. She wanted little more time from Pete.
   In November, she was ready to feature because her Brown envelope was full.Drew left the work. And he said to karen she must leave work, too. But Karen wasn’t ready yet. She began to work a lot of. One day scanner found a radioactive dust. And Karen had a shower. Then she went her home. And she prepared a sandwich for next day. But next day when she went to work she forget sandwich. This day again alarm rang. She had shower a lot but alarm again rang. Then the men went to Karen’s home. Home’s everywhere was “hot”. But especially kitchen was hot. When men opened the fridge alarm rang a lot. They followed alarm and they found sandwich. And they emptied her house. There was nothing on the house.There was only brown envelope hole on the wall.
 Karen began to think she was “hot” and she’ll die. Her house was empty now, Drew brought her to his house. This night, they didn’t sleep. They just spoke. Karen introduced him everything.She wanted proofs. And they thought when Karen took photographs and negatives, a manager saw her and somebody wanted to kill her. Pete called at this night. He approved to somebody wanted to kill her.And he said he will call reporter. After that manager called home for some tests. Drew, Karen and Karen’s house friend Paula went for tests. Karen was a little radioactive but it wasn’t dangerous. And she came back.
    At first, Karen went to factory. All workers saw her and they were happy. Because Karen looked well. After meeting in factory, she will meet with journalist from New York Times, Pete and Drew. She will show inside of brown envelope. But when she drove on the road of meet,a few miles from nuclear factory,  she had an accident. Nobody ever found the Brown envelope.

 There was a killer whale family  in the water. The men o the boats made a noise to catch a killer whale to sell. Then, the big nets went down into the water and men catchep Willy. Now they had a young killer whale.
      Six Months Later
There was a boy who lives on the streets- Jesse. He had a friend-Perry. Perry was 3 years older than Jesse and he knew about living on the streets more.One day they were hungry and they decided to stale something to eat.When they were eating their foods which they stole police came and they began to run. They ran as far as they could and they saw a wall near the sea. They jumped down and ran into a big,old,dark building.They decided to do something before they sleep. They saw some paint and they wrote their names on the wall. Then suddenly, Jesse heard a sound. There was something on the wall. It was big and black.The boys’re afraid and they ran out of the building.
The next morning the policemen took Jesse to see Dwight at an Office in the centre of the city. Dwight said to Jesse he will have a new foster home and he must go to adventure park to clean walls everyday.
 He liked his new family. Glen Greenwood drives a truck and Works in a garage, his wife Annie is a writer.
 There was an old man whose name is Randolph with long hair.Jesse liked him. He showed Jesse Willy-killer whale. A pretty young woman with short brown hair-Rae threw fish into the tank and the animals played. This was her job. She said Willy to come, but willy stayed in water and didn’t come.The boss-Dial was angry with Willy and he wanted to see willy in the
show.One day, Willy played with Jesse. He thinks willy liked him and now he wasn’t afraid of killer whales. The next day he saw something on the water. It said “North West Adventure Park closed today.”  Willy made a lot of noise but the boss wanted to do something in show. Rae said him she will try it. Then Wade and Dial decided to kill Willy.Because When willy died they will take a lot of Money.
 The next morning Jesse went to the supermarket and he bought fishes for willy. Willy played with Jesse! Everyday Jesse went to the park and played with Willy.Everyday Willy got beter and beter.Jesse put his arm up and willy jumped out of the water. One day his old frien came and they talked a lot. He lived in a city now. When they did the show, willy had a noise. He remembered the worst day of his life when the man put him in nets and he lost his family.He stooped swimming. Jesse called him but he didn’t move. The people who came to see the show was too angry. Willy was too angry now. He swam  towards to glass wall and hit the glass wall with his big head. His head made am small hole in the wall and some water came out of the tank. This day Jesse thought a lot and hw was angry with willy. When he was sat, he heard something. Somebody tried to kill willy! Somebody was breaking the glass. He wanted to help Randolph and Rae. And they decided to save Willy. They took Glen’s truck and went to place which is near to see. But Wade and Dial followed them.But they was successed to escape them and they took willy to sea. Willy was free now .

Count Dracula was one of the Un-Dead, but Jonathan Harker didn’t know that and he agreed to help him to buy a house in London. And  he was in Transylvania. He had six hours to wait until the coach came to take him to the Castle Dracula, so he went to a hotel. All the people on there  were frightened of Castle Dracula, they were silent when they heard Jonathan’ll work with Count. Jonathan was scared but it was too late to go back. He went to the castle and met with Count. He was cold too much. Jonathan stayed there. He couldn’t see Count during mornings. They could only meet at evenings. Jonathan gave the papers about the house to Count. His work in Transylvania was finished. But Count didn’t let him go. Many doors in castle were locked. He thought he was a prisoner. Every month, Count said to Jonathan to  write a letter to London about  tell he was good and he will stay more. Jonathan saw three women. Women were  talking to Count about Jonathan’s blood. In these days Count wanted Jonathan to write a letter to his girlfriend and wanted him to tell her  his work in Transylvania was finished and that he’s coming home. Jonathan knew then  the Count planned to kill him. He wanted to escape and he started to plan. While Jonathan was away, his girlfriend, Mina was very unhappy and worried about his strange and short letters. Jonathan and Mina had two friends, Lucy and Arthur. Lucy sometimes liked to go and sit quietly in the church. One night, Mina saw something dark behind Lucy. She was asleep in the moonlight. There were two drops of blood on her neck. After that night Lucy was worse. Mina had a letter the day after. Jonathan escaped from the Castle Dracula and he fell ill in the mountains. But they were together again and everything was all right. They married after few months. In these days, they saw the Count in London. Jonathan was afraid. When they arrived home, there was a letter from Arthur. Lucy was dead! She lost blood every day after Mina saw her with the vampire. All of her friends were sad but she wasn’t dead. She was one of the Un-Dead. She went out of her coffin every night and killed poor little children. Arthur, his friend Jack and Jack’s old teacher Professor Van Helsing went to the tomb. She was restful now. Mina and Jonathan agreed to help Professor to kill the vampire. They began to work. But in these days, the Count gave Mina the kiss of death. Now they had to kill the vampire before Mina was dead. They found Count’s coffin leaving England back to Transylvania. On the way, Jonathan jumped onto the cart. He pushed the coffin, brought his knife down straight the vampire’s heart. Count gave a horrible scream.Mina was OK and Dracula was dead at last! They began to live again.

                                      SUMMARY OF THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS
Alice is at home; talking to herself and to her black kitten named Kitty. On the table is a chess game and she tries to make the kitten sit like the Red Queen, but the kitten doesn’t succeed because it won’t fold its arms properly. She decides it should be punished and holds it up to the looking-glass, threatening to put the kitten into the Looking-glass House if it isn’t good immediately. Alice starts telling the kitten about the other side of the looking-glass where everything is the same as in the drawing room, only backwards. She wonders how it will be to live there and fantasises that the glass is so soft that she can get through. The glass then indeed turns into a sort of silvery mist and Alice climbs through it. She notices that the things she could see from the drawing room are the same in the looking-glass room, but the other things are quite different. The chessmen are alive and are walking about the room. As Lily, one of the white pawns, starts crying, Alice wants to help. She picks up the White Queen and puts her next to Lily. As the chessmen cannot hear or see Alice, she is quite surprised. Alice also frightens the White King by lifting him up too, dusting him and writing for him with his pen. When Alice tries to read a book she has to hold it up to the looking-glass to read it. It is a poem called Jabberwocky, which consists of many strange words that she doesn’t understand. She wants to see the garden and finds herself floating downstairs.
Chapter 2: The Garden of Live Flowers
Alice tries to reach a hill to see the garden better, but not one path seems to lead to it; she always ends up where she started. Eventually she comes upon a flower-bed. The flowers can talk and they tell her that there’s someone else in the garden. It appears to be the Red Queen, who is now as large as Alice is. They have a conversation and Alice notices that the country is a huge chessboard, with brooks and hedges dividing the ground up into squares. She asks if she can join the game and the Red Queen tells her that she can take Lily’s place as a White Pawn and start in the second square. Suddenly they start running, but no matter how hard Alice runs, they stay in the same place. The queen explains that in this country you have to run at least twice as fast to get somewhere else. She gives Alice instructions for the game and tells her that she’ll be a Queen when she reaches the 8th square. Then she leaves.
Chapter 3: Looking-Glass Insects
Alice notices that what she thought were bees are in fact elephants. She runs down the hill and crosses the first brook, which takes her to the next square. She suddenly finds herself in a railway carriage with all kinds of creatures and a Guard who asks for the tickets. Alice tries to explain that she hasn’t got a ticket and during the discussion she notices that the other passengers speak and think in chorus. She has a conversation with a small insect that sounds very unhappy, when suddenly the train has to jump over a brook and the carriage rises straight into the air. Her surroundings melt away and she finds herself sitting under a tree with a Gnat, the creature she was talking to. He tells her about the Looking-Glass insects like the Rocking-Horse-Fly and the Bread-And-Butterfly. He is so unhappy that he sighs himself away. Alice enters the wood where things have no names and immediately forgets her own name. She meets a fawn and together they walk on. But when they reach an open spot the Fawn remembers that it is a deer and that Alice is human, and hurries away into the woods. Alice follows the path and comes upon the house of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee.
Chapter 4: Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee
As they are standing very still, Alice forgets they are alive and they reprimand her for not knowing the right manners for a visit. When they shake hands they all start dancing. Alice wants to know which road she should take to leave the forest, but they repeat ‘The Walrus and the Carpenter’ to her. Then they take her to the sleeping Red King and tell her that she is only a thing in his dreams. When he wakes up, Alice will disappear. Although Alice doesn’t believe it, it still upsets her. Tweedle Dum finds his rattle lying broken on the ground and he wants to start a fight with Tweedle Dee for it, just as in the poem. They ask Alice to dress them up with all kinds of material, which they use as armour. Before they can fight, the monstrous crow flies overhead, causing it to get very dark and making quite a wind with its wings. Tweedle Dum and Dee run off and Alice hides in the forest. She notices a shawl being blown away.
Chapter 5: Wool and Water
Alice catches the shawl and sees the White Queen running through the wood. As she is very untidy, Alice helps her to put on her shawl again and brushes her hair. The Queen wants to hire her as a lady’s maid, but she refuses. The White Queen explains the advantages of living backwards, meaning that you remember things before they actually happen. She illustrates this with a story about the King’s messenger who is in prison for a crime that he has not yet committed. Alice starts to feel very lonely and the Queen tries to keep her from crying by talking about her age and about believing impossible things. Then the shawl is being blown away again and they cross a brook to get it. They’re now in a shop and the Queen turns into a knitting sheep that is sitting behind the counter. The Sheep asks Alice what she wants to buy and she answers that she wants to look first. But when she tries to look at something, it always moves and the shelves she looks at always appear empty. The Sheep gives Alice some knitting needles and asks her if she can row. The needles turn into oars and Alice finds herself and the Sheep in a boat. Alice tries to pick some scented rushes, but they begin to fade away as soon as she has picked them. Suddenly they are back in the shop and the Sheep asks again what she wants to buy. Alice decides to buy an egg. The Sheep tells her that she has to get it herself and places the egg on a shelf. When Alice walks to it, it seems to get further away. She finds trees growing in the shop and she even has to cross a little brook.
Chapter 6: Humpty Dumpty
As Alice approaches, the egg gets larger and more human, and eventually turns into Humpty Dumpty, who is sitting on a very narrow wall. She offends him by calling him an egg and he tells her that her name doesn’t fit her shape. Alice is concerned about him falling from the wall, but Humpty Dumpty explains that the King promised him to send all his horses and all his men if he ever fell off, just as in the rhyme. He asks her age and tells that he got his cravat as an un-birthday present from the White King and Queen. He also tells Alice that he can make words mean whatever he chooses. Alice asks him to explain Jabberwocky for her and he does. Then he repeats a poem for her, which suddenly ends. He says goodbye and rudely remarks that he wouldn’t recognise her when they were to meet again. Alice walks away and a heavy crash shakes the forest.
Chapter 7: The Lion and the Unicorn
The next moments several thousand soldiers and horses come running out of the wood. They all keep stumbling and tripping over each other. When Alice reaches an open place, she sees the White King with his memorandum book. He tells her that he sent all his men and horses, except for those that are wanted in the game and his two messengers. Haigha, one of the messengers, arrives and tells them that the Lion and the Unicorn are fighting for the crown again. They run to the town where Hatta, the other messenger who just got out of prison, is waiting. During a pause in the fight the Lion and the Unicorn come sit with them. The Unicorn says that he thought Alice was a fabulous monster and they agree to believe in each other. Bread and plum-cake is handed out and then the Lion and Unicorn are being drummed out of town, in accordance with an old song. Alice crosses another brook and covers her ears to protect them from the loud noise.
Chapter 8: ‘It’s my own invention’
When the noise has died away a Red Knight arrives on his horse. He shouts "Check!" takes Alice prisoner and tumbles off his horse. Then a White Knight arrives to rescue her and he also falls off his horse. They start a fight during which they constantly keep falling off their horses. The White Knight wins and tells her that he is here to guide her safely to the eighth square. He starts showing her some of his inventions. As he keeps falling down, Alice thinks he is not a very good rider, but he tells her that he has had plenty of practice. He goes on about his inventions and sings a song for her about an old man. Then he rides away and Alice enters the eighth square. She suddenly finds herself wearing a golden crown.
Chapter 9: Queen Alice
Alice realises that she now is a queen. The White Queen and Red Queen invite her to her own dinner-party and start examining her with nonsensical questions and giving her lessons in manners. The Queens get tired and fall asleep in Alice’s lap. Suddenly they disappear and Alice is standing in front of a doorway marked ‘Queen Alice’. She asks a Frog where she can find a servant to open the door for her, but he doesn’t help her. The door swings open and she hears a chorus singing. They welcome her so she decides to get in herself. The singing stops when she enters a hallway with a large table. Her guests appear to be animals, birds and flowers. The White and Red Queen are sitting at the head of the table and she joins them. They tell her she missed the soup and introduce her to a leg of mutton, which bows for her. They explain that now she’s been introduced to it, she cannot eat it anymore. They introduce her to the plum-pudding too, but Alice cuts a slice from it anyway, despite his protests. The White Queen recites a poem to Alice and then tells her that something is going to happen. Suddenly the candles start growing and the bottles turn into a sort of bird and fly away. The Leg of Mutton is sitting in the White Queen’s place while she disappears in the soup. Everyone starts behaving foolishly and Alice jumps up and seizes the table-cloth. Everything crashes to the floor and she notices that the Red Queen has shrunk and is now running around on the table. She catches her and tells her she will shake her into a kitten.
Chapter 10: Shaking
While shaking the Queen she starts getting smaller, softer and rounder…
Chapter 11: Waking
…and Alice notices that she has really turned into a kitten.
Chapter 12: Which dreamed it?
Alice realises that she has dreamt the whole thing and that she is now back in the drawing room, holding her black kitten. She walks to the table, takes the chess-piece of the Red Queen and tries to make the kitten confess that it turned into her. She wonders what it was that Dinah and the white kitten turned into. She asks Kitty who it was that dreamt the story; she or the Red King, but it keeps licking its paw and doesn’t answer.

Henri Clerval who was born in the city of Geneva in 1775, was a good man. He wanted to go to the university. His best friend’s name was Victor Frankenstein .The Frankenstien’s family were a rich merchant and lived in Geneva.They were Swiss. Frankenstein had a sister.Her name was Elizabeth and Victor’s parents brang her from Italy at farm.Her father died when she was born .Victor worried about natural secrets.He thought there were a lot of secret in the deep of water of the lake ,on the glacier and in the things.
One day Henri and Victor Frankenstein were visiting when the thunder storm broke a line of fruit tree. Suddenly They blinded and were unable to horror.then they were able to see and hear again.They saw the first thing a remains of a tree black and smoking .That Henri thought that an idea lightened in Victor’s mind.Several times later Victor decided to go to the university at seventeen years in German.His father Dr. Krempe taught at the University of Ingolstadt .Henry wanted to go to the there but Henri’s father didn’t want. Victor’s mother was very ill then she called Elizabeth and Victor.She wanted to marry them.Henri and the Frankenstein’s family hadn’t been seeing Victor for two years.Then Henri went to Ingolstadt .Victor’s letter stopped completely about September of the following year .Victor had indeed left the university and he was following some studies of his experiment. Dr. Krempe wanted Henri to go to the university to find Victor.Krempe paid for his studies . Henri left Geneva late afternoon .He went to Ingolstadt by many vehicles .After he arrived the city ,he started to seek Victor.Several times later Henri Found Victor’s house .Henri knocked the door .Then Victor opened it but he was changed. He was very different .His face was old with wild eyes.Henri got into the house there was disgusting smell in it. Henri and Victor went down a long ,dark passage .A bed stood on the floor and there was a table near the window.The evening shone with diffucty through the dirty windows.Victor did some experiment about alive and death.He tought that,a person alike a clock .If a clock shoked it to work again.If a person died ,you would shaked it with lightining to live again.Victor took away Henri a room.It was dark and scary. There was a smell rotten meat in the room.There were a lot of copper ,glaspipes and a kind of basin in the middel of the room.Henri looked into basin but at first he didn’t see anythings .Then he saw some hair and a shadow .Secondly he understood a death man in it so he was afraid.He thought Victor was a madman .Henri thought The man who was adeath in the basin was more than two metres tall lang ,golde hair .After this shocking times,Victor wanted some help to Henri about to do this experiment and Henri accepted.Victor used lightning for enliven the death .They finished all preparation .Only They had to fly the kite . There was a big windw on the work-room’s wall.A minute later they flied the kite far and far.Then the lightning had hit the work-room.Henri and Victor lay onthe floor.All things was broken and the basin was,too…..the death man lay on the floor .Victor thought was the experiment failed and his hopes was the end . They felth tired so they decided to go to bed .In the morning Henri woke up and saw a shadow at the door then he saw a monster a bit.It wasn’t perfect man as they thought his face was ugly but on the other hand It was very strange and very tall.His arms long in front of him .Henri couldn’t say anythings because he was terribly worried .ThenVictor woke up and he saw the monster ,too. He stare at the monster .Henri thought the monster wasn’t a wild man because he didn’t attack them.Suddenly Victor rebeled and walked near it. Victor became irriteated because the monster wasn’t beuaty and perfect man for him.Victor ran after it.He didn’t accept to make it.He went back his house in geneva .Henri didn’t go with him.Because he didn’t finish his duty .He had to find the monster . But there weren’t news about it. One day Henri heard a new .There was a monster in the forest so he went to see it.The monster wasn’t a bad man .It was tiding some food for a blind and old man.Later he went again the forest but It wasn’t there.
Henri arrived in Geneva ,there was a hanging.Geneva’s person was there to see the Justine’s die.Henri didn’t know why Justine was hanged .Then he saw The Frankenstein’s family was there and he went near them and talked .Then he learned that Justine killed William but it wasn’t true.After Several times Henri learned How William was killed .The monster strangled him.After this event Victor decided to destroy the monster .There was a new in the city that “A monster had been seen at Mant Blonc‿ so Victor and Henri went there .They saw it on a glacier.They talked with it.They learned that the monster wanted to marry as ugly a woman as it self.It would believe to be happy If It married a woman .Victor accepted to make a woman for it. After that day he started to create another monster.Some days later the monster came Victor’s house and climped up Elizabeth’s room .Elizabeth had gone to for a minute so she still didn’t slept.She saw a shadow at the window then she saw the monster and shouted .Henry and Victor came her room but no body at the window. Victor undrestood that It was monster.Victor a mounted a guards for Elizabeth.Victor looked for a body for an other monster but the policeman caught him so he went to prison .His father tried to extracty him from the prison .Then Victor was extracted. One day when Elizabeth and Victor were in thier hut .The monster came there and destroyed all things in the hut and kidnaped Elizabeth.Henri and Victor looked for every where to find him ,they couldn’t find her.The monster postponed a piece colth for them to fin itself.Then they found iy on the edge of the cliff.It was carrying Elizabeth .Victor and Henri climped up for save her.They climbed uo edge of the cliff and Victor wanted to kill the monster with a knife.The monster took the knife on Victor’s hand .Suddenly alight flashed and a great noise.The monster and Henri died.Ther were ashes and charcoal everwhere . Henri saved Elizabeth.They went back their house and . Old Frankenstein gave Elizabeth to Henri.They got married.Their first son given the name of Vİctor .

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
It was New Year at the court of King Arthur. The King, Queen and all the knights of the Round Table were celebrating. Suddenly the door opened and everybody turned round. A knight rode into the room on a magnificent horse. The knight and his horse were completely green!
The strange green knight got off his horse and spoke. `I know that King Arthur and his knights are famous for their bravery. I have come to test their bravery with a little game. Here Is my axe. One of you brave knights must try to cut off my head. But, next year, on the same day, t will try to do the same to that knight:
A brave and honest knight, Sir Gawain, stood up and said: ‘I will do it: With no hesitation, he took the axe and cut off the Green Knight’s head. Then the strangest thing happened. The Green Knight picked up his head, got on his horse and left the room!
Ten months later, Sir Gawain went off to find the Green Knight. He came to a magnificent castle. The lord of the castle invited him to stay for the New Year. Sir Gawain and the lord made an agreement. They agreed to give each other anything they received.
The next day, the lord of the castle went out hunting. Sir Gawain stayed in bed. Suddenly, the lady of the castle, the lord’s wife, came into his room. She was beautiful. She kissed Sir Gawain
and then left. When the lord of the castle returned, he gave Sir Gawatn a deer he had caught. Sir Gawaln gave the lord a kiss.
The next day the same thing happened. On the third day, the lady of the castle kissed Sir Gawain and then gave him a special belt. She said it would save his life. Sir Gawain did not give the belt to the lord of the castle because he thought it might be useful when he went to see the Green Knight.
On New Year’s day, Sir Gawain went to meet the Green Knight. As they had agreed, the Green Knight took the axe. He was going to cut off Sir . Gawain’s head, when suddenly he stopped. He tried a second time, but again stopped. The third time, he cut Sir Gawain’s neck a little, but didn’t hurt him.
Sir Gawain was angry. He said: `Why did you try three times? We agreed only oncei’ The Green Knight told him that he was, in fact, the lord of the castle. `i didn’t cut you the first two times because you were honest for two daysl But on the third day, you didn’t tell me about the belt. So 1 had to cut you!’
Sir Gawain returned to King Arthur’s court. He was sad because he had not been honest. He decided to wear the belt around his neck for the rest of his life. He told King Arthur: `When i become arrogant, I can look at the belt and remember that I am not a perfect knight.`
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